Check It by Ed Pokoj

The crossover between hip-hop and Ed Pokoj's art stated in 2016 with his Instagram series The Month of Hip Hop. These images took hold with his growing audience and led to the creation of The Hip Hop Coloring Book.

A Collection of portraits and pieces inspired by and celebrating hip-hop culture.

Passion Colors Everything

This Friday, October 20th is the 10th annual Hull Street Festival. The Well Art gallery will have a collection of artwork from Martin Underwood and Austin Miles. Each piece will be available for purchase and prints will be available.

The Well will open its doors when the festival begins and will remain open all day

October 11:00am - 8pm

Traveling Dinner Club 10.4.18

It’s the SECOND of many events for the Traveling Dinner Club, presented by Champagne and Cabanas Travel.

Tired of wanting to take a trip, but your friends always cancel last minute, just took a solo trip that you can’t wait to talk about, or simply love to try new cuisines? This is the perfect dinner club for you!

Come hang out with old friends, meet some new friends, and enjoy a delicious Thai inspired dinner!

Course 1 - Appetizer - Thai Dumplings

Course 2 - Appetizer - Beef Lemongrass Kebabs 

Course 3 - Salad - Thai Cucumber Salad 

Course 4 - Entree - Thai Red Chicken Curry

Doesn't this all sound AMAZING?!

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER! You can bring your own bottle of wine to compliment the dinner!

Can’t wait to see you there! :)


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Off Street Parking available only 

What can I bring into the event?

Yourself, a friend, and your choice of wine! (or anything you desire)

What's the refund policy?

All Sales are Final